Organisational design

HR's guide to workplace dementia support

What employers can do to assist employees with a dementia diagnosis

How to build a people analytics team

Getting the make-up of a people analytics team right is key to it solving business issues

Workers holding multiple temporary roles

?More than one in 10 (12%) workers in the UK have multiple jobs and consider temporary work as their main role, according to research from Reed

Good work and D&I in retail

?A crucial issue for retail HR is counteracting any temptation on retail bosses’ part to react to squeezed margins with moves that essentially compromise working conditions

Shutting up shop: HR on the high street

The high street is changing as shopping habits shift amid technological advances. So how can HR ensure its future prosperity?

Six ways to become a significant strategic partner

What must HR do differently to earn a place among the decision-makers?

What are the main political parties’ workplace policies?

Skills and employment pledges aren’t necessarily headline issues this election, but there are still plenty of them

Why being 'relationship-centric' is a key aspect of use of self

This third article in a series exploring the OD concept of use of self (UoS) looks at the relevance of relational orientation

Labour manifesto: What HR needs to know

With just three weeks to go until the UK heads to the polls, here's the latest employment and HR-related policies from Labour

Think tank calls for higher minimum wage for freelancers

As the number of self-employed people continues to rise, Demos is calling for freelancers to receive a higher minimum wage

Being agile vs. doing agile

Many organisations have embraced agile teams and agile ways of working, but very few would describe themselves as truly agile

Calls for shorter City trader working hours welcomed

The London Stock Exchange (LSE) has announced it is considering cutting 90 minutes off the trading day in a bid to improve worker mental health and attract more women and working parents to the...

Organisational design