Organisational design

Just one in seven roles advertised as flexible

Progress has been slow on advertising flexible positions, with jobs in HR falling below the average

Setting the stage for change: D&I and family-friendly working at the National

The National Theatre and the performing arts have some insightful learnings to share on D&I and flexible working. But the sector also has issues to overcome

Four-day week popular with three-quarters of UK workers

While research shows employees are in favour of a four-day week and increased flexibility, most firms still only offer traditional working hours

Ten ways HR can prepare for an economic downturn

With some economists warning we could be approaching a post-Brexit recession, HR should begin to prepare now

We in local government HR can't just do what we've always done

Processes are designed with good intent but they often become barriers, encouraging perverse behaviour that undermines what we hoped to achieve

Getting the giggers: Recruitment and the gig economy

The alternative workforce is growing but organisations are unsure how to recruit gig workers

Research reveals five main causes of poor workplace productivity

Poor systems, office politics and sickness absence negatively impact productivity, according to research by e-days

How mediocre managers ruined Kodak

An organisation will rise or fall depending on if it is willing to get out of its comfort zone and lead with courage, or if it will manage with mediocrity and cease to exist

'Sandwich carers' need more employer support

People who look after both children and older relatives are struggling to cope with these caring responsibilities alongside their jobs, according to BHSF

Job insecurity may be overstated

?Employers should focus on improving conditions for all workers, says the CIPD as its research finds insecure work is not as prevalent as people think

Working fathers missing out on family life

?One in five (17%) working fathers feel they miss out on their children growing up because of pressures at work, according to research from Quinyx

Is followership as important as leadership?

The concept of followership is often neglected in business, but is just as important as its other half leadership

Organisational design