Organisational design

Unilever SVP HR: HR now entering the ‘paradox wave’

There have been seven waves of HR and employee relations. In the latest wave HR and unions must work together more closely

Banning out-of-hours emails could harm employee wellbeing

Personalising rules around out-of-hours email access is better for employee stress levels than blanket bans, say researchers

Employees feel they don't need managers' help

Creating collaborative cultures could help overcome difficulties in the employee-manager relationship

Siemens: The power of partnering on sustainability

Partnership working at Siemens has enabled HR to engage employees with sustainability and the circular economy

Humane organisations are more environmentally responsible

Advanced humane organisations take action on social and environmental issues because it's the right thing to do, not because they're forced to

Working Families' most family-friendly workplaces revealed

Working Families has announced its annual list of the top family-friendly employers in the UK

Exploring the OD concept of 'use of self'

?The concept of use of self (UoS) has been core to the practice of organisational development since the beginning

How to make the CEO-HRD relationship rock solid

Rather than HR playing second fiddle to the CEO, there should be bonds of equality and trust

Why retention still matters amid digital tech

To facilitate long-term and consistent growth HR has a vital role in retaining employees who have accumulated business-specific knowledge and skills

Liberty Global EVP: Long-term careers a thing of the past

Organisations must give employees the opportunities they want if they're to retain the best talent, according to Liberty Global's Enrique Rodriguez

The importance of intersectionality in HR

While some great progress has been made in D&I, HR must ensure further efforts are intersectional and don’t risk putting staff in a box

How we achieved a zero gender pay gap at St Mungo's

Culture, selection processes, performance management, diversity training, a transparent pay system and flexi-time have all contributed

Organisational design