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Parents in need of more support from employers

A majority (73%) of parents have said that their childcare needs are different now due to coronavirus, and additional employer support is required.

Employees feeling the pressure of presenteeism during pandemic

UK workers feel compelled to demonstrate availability to employers during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic despite a rise in flexible working arrangements.

Parental support must extend past parental leave

For working parents, coronavirus has meant taking on the role of teacher while schools were shut, while also having to adapt to remote working themselves. They were essentially left with two full-time...

Flexible working causing company culture concerns

HR teams are concerned about the impact flexible working will have on company culture.

COVID-19 isn’t enough to propel the flexible working agenda forward

That the onset of the current pandemic has pushed the flexible working agenda centre stage is undeniable. Many, many more people have been supported by their employer to work remotely, and those...

Employee wellbeing to shape future workplaces

Employee wellbeing and empowerment will be priorities in the future workplace, according to a new report.

Remote working leading to 'hidden fractures' in the workforce

'Hidden fractures' caused by working from home are forming in the workforce and risk causing irreparable damage to cultures and productivity, according to new research from digital culture platform...

Top tips for payroll management confidence in 2020

Payroll has come into its own in the past six months. There has never been a greater focus on the importance of having solid payroll than during this pandemic.

Flexibility and family-friendliness boosts pandemic productivity

Organisations with flexible and family-friendly policies have seen increased levels of productivity throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

How businesses are helping people back into work – part 1

As HR teams prepare for the long months ahead – facing redundancies, blended working, end of furlough and a turbulent job market – we highlight some of the brilliant initiatives helping employees get...


Why the Job Support Scheme is not enough to prevent redundancies

?Last week the chancellor announced his winter economic plans, with chilling consequences for millions of workers.

Back to life, back to (a new) reality: the workplace after furlough

As workers return from furlough and businesses begin to awake from enforced hibernation, HR will need to overcome some tricky challenges.

Organisational design