Online recruiting

Is it time to re-think the recruitment process?

It’s been a stressful time for HR. Since the announcement of lockdown back in March, the profession has had to switch its workforce to remote working practically overnight, place employees on...

Bridging the social distance divide: onboarding in the COVID era

Even in a hugely disrupted jobs market, firms are still hiring – and many people are joining a company without meeting their new colleagues in person.

Pandemic alters young jobseekers' career choices

COVID-19 has impacted the young graduates’ confidence in their career prospects, a new report has revealed.

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Our cover story this month looks at how HS2 is shaping the job market

Online job interviews advised as part of social distancing

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, recruitment firms are interviewing potential candidates who are working from home online

Automation and AI's role in HR

Recruitment, onboarding and retention are time-consuming tasks that keep HR busy for little reason when software can execute some of the same actions quicker and more accurately

Using voice assistants in recruitment

What are the pros and cons of using voice assistants in the recruitment process?

7 January the busiest day for job applications

January, and in particular today (7 January), is set to be the busiest month for job applications, according to Glassdoor

Inclusive language within tech job adverts

Taking an inclusive approach to jobs ads and encouraging a greater range of interest should be a no-brainer

How technology can transform HR and the workplace in 2020

Advanced's group HRD Alex Arundale outlines four key trends for HR technology in 2020

Jobseekers 'cheating' recruitment platforms

Research suggests there is an imbalance of tech and humans in the hiring process, allowing candidates to manipulate algorithms to better their chances

Harnessing the Amazon mindset in talent acquisition

Advancements in technology mean recruiters can target candidates with personalised communications and achieve higher candidate quality