How to combat imposter syndrome

The past year of remote work has fuelled some troubling trends. According to Asana’s 2021 Anatomy of Work Index, 69% of UK workers experienced imposter syndrome last year but only 15% feel ‘heard’ and...

Positive News: How businesses are keeping the wheels turning, part two

HR up and down the UK is introducing new employees to the workplace and supporting those who have continued to work both physically and in remote locations. We highlight just a few of the many...


Younger generation critical to economic recovery

The younger generation could be the key to economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic and reverse mentoring could help drive positive change, says new research by Barclays.

Self-management and flexible working have never been more important

In the last month or so, the working world has been completely upended for billions of people.

Why employers need to reconsider autism in the workplace

There aren’t any definitive or undisputed statistics that can tell us what percentage of the UK population has been identified with Autism.

Men at work: Fighting depression on the job

A few simple adjustments, at no cost to the employer, can save lives

What Millennials want from their career journey

There are three key areas to address if you want to attract, retain and develop young talent

How technology can transform HR and the workplace in 2020

Advanced's group HRD Alex Arundale outlines four key trends for HR technology in 2020

The end of the road for sponsorship programmes

Sponsorship programmes may be impeding rather than boosting diversity, according to CIPD research

Bundles of energy in HR at BP

The oil and gas giant’s group HRD has a very clear idea of how HR can help the business transform and be fit for the future. Technology, young people and reverse mentoring will all play a part

Reverse mentoring to create better LGBT+ allies at Home Group

Housing association Home Group has worked hard to create an environment where LGBT+ colleagues and customers feel safe, respected and celebrated

Women struggle to sell themselves in creative industries

The creative sector must better support young female talent who come up against personal and professional barriers