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HR has a place in the driver’s seat of workplace automation

The more ‘human side’ of the workplace will become increasingly valuable as life become more automated, said author and associate professor of mathematics at UCL Hannah Fry.

Emotional intelligence to have upper hand in post-COVID-19 recruitment

Hiring managers will need to start promoting and recruiting workers for their emotional intelligence, not just technical ability, as we move towards a post-coronavirus culture

Lack of training could be making businesses vulnerable to cyber crime

UK employees are not being appropriately trained to deal with cyber security threats and leave their workplaces in danger.

Survey shows ‘disconnect’ of reskilling in the face of AI and automation

Nearly a third (32%) of learning and development leaders have admitted to having concerns about whether their current offering is adequate to address the potential skills gap caused by technology

Assessing the apprenticeship levy three years on

This year marks the third anniversary of the government’s apprenticeship reforms, and with each passing year, we’ve seen the commentary on it evolve.

Which companies are going the extra mile for employees during coronavirus? Part one

We shine a light on the effort businesses have made, big and small, to support their staff and the community during the coronavirus pandemic.

Most in-demand skills for HR named in CIPD survey

Line manager coaching is a top priority for HR professionals when considering the future of the profession, according to the CIPD’s annual People Profession Survey

Employment and skills recovery package needed to boost job market, AELP says

Devolved governments have been called upon to develop a post-pandemic employment and skills recovery package.

Majority of UK workers say they work effectively from home

Two-thirds (66%) of UK workers believe they are effective when working remotely, according to the latest LinkedIn Workforce Confidence Index

Two in five UK companies change employee benefit programmes due to COVID-19

Two-fifths (42%) of companies have made or are planning to make changes to their employee benefit programmes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact it has had on working life.

Employees upskilling from home during pandemic

A quarter (24%) of the UK workforce are learning new skills to guard against coronavirus uncertainty, according to The Open University

HR leaders to face tech-savvy workforce post-pandemic

HR leaders will be supporting a much more digitally-minded workforce after the coronavirus pandemic, with data showing that UK workers have adopted collaborative technology tools en masse during...

Learning and development