Learning and development

What makes a high-potential remote worker?

Remote workers still need traditional HR processes such as performance management to be at their most effective and engaged

Three employee traits to hire for innovation

Finding people who can adjust, learn and adapt is the way to stay ahead of the game

The HR challenges of combining three brands into one

Virgin Money’s group HRD had the tricky task of fusing three brands together to create a new type of bank. She has changed reward, performance management, engagement and more

What does succession management look like at Deloitte?

Succession management is a live priority for Deloitte this year

Points-based immigration to open UK to highly-skilled workers

The UK government has revealed further details of its points-based immigration system, due to start on 1 January 2021

Identifying critical skills biggest concern for HR

Half (50%) of HR professionals have said that their biggest concern for future jobs is identifying critical skills and characteristics, according to research from Aon’s Assessment Solutions

Emotional intelligence – the new skills gap

Employers want to hire people with emotional intelligence skills but candidates aren't listing them on applications

Three steps to end the gender divide in job feedback

Gender bias is alive and well within workplace feedback systems – and successive data continues to prove it

How AI can help managers be more aligned with employees’ needs

As AI alleviates admin-heavy tasks employees will be able to add a significant layer of additional value to the business. They will also be able to focus on tasks that are more engaging and fulfilling

Feedback on employee strengths rather than weaknesses deemed more valuable

Feedback on employee strengths could have more of an impact on their performance than focussing on their weaknesses, according to co-founder of Act2Manage Robert Dobay

Emotions are vital in the workplace

?Delegates at Seville's 2020 MERIT Summit were told of the importance of finding love in what you do

Addressing the global skills crisis

Many countries are experiencing skills shortages, but there are options for retraining through joint-agency efforts

Learning and development