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Billions added to the National Skills Fund to help people back into work post-COVID

The UK government has announced that £2.5 billion will be available through the National Skills Fund to help people get into work and others to train for higher-skilled, better-paid jobs after the...

Training set to move up the agenda as workers return from furlough

Over one third (35%) of retail key workers, and 40% of those who work in groceries, have reported feeling underprepared to do their roles due to the way work has changed during the coronavirus...

Interview: Unconscious bias and diversity training from a theatre company

Black British theatre company Talawa Theatre has started offering unconscious bias and diversity training to organisations seeking to address their own internal biases.

UK workers want to volunteer but expect employer support

The increased sense of community created by the coronavirus pandemic has meant many of Britain's workers are keen to volunteer their professional skills to charities, but new research from business...

Remote support and supervision - how to keep development apace for junior employees

?As employers have had to adapt to the new, remote normal, many junior employees have reported feeling that communication, supervision and support has reduced.

Beyond the Zoom boom - training in a post-COVID world

When COVID-19 closed the door on most face-to-face interaction, the world switched to webinars, conference calls, and other forms of remote communication. Unfortunately, not every corporate function...

How to apply for the government’s Kickstart Scheme

The UK government has opened its Kickstart Scheme which seeks to help 16 to 24-year-olds into work.

Number of young people not in education, employment or training falls

The number of young people not in education, employment or training (NEET) has fallen slightly year-on-year, according to new data.

What HR can learn from the exam debacle and using data blindly

Few of us can feel anything other than shock at the dreadful inequities caused by the methods used to moderate this year’s exam results. How could a seemingly fair and objective process get things so...

Employers warned not to crowd-out apprenticeship opportunities for young people

?Apprenticeships lean too heavily towards highly qualified employees and not enough towards school leavers, according to a new report from the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ).

UK lags behind international AI skills development

?The UK is facing an AI skills gap that could leave companies struggling to compete with rivals from across the world, a new Microsoft report has revealed.

HR which maintains trust with employees more likely to succeed in pandemic recession

Companies with comprehensive human resource management (HRM) practices and union relationships are more likely to survive a deep recession, say researchers.

Learning and development