Diversity needs to be reflected in leadership

The Colour of Power reported that only 51 out of 1,097 powerful positions are filled by people from BAME backgrounds, a sign of the continuing lack of diversity in businesses.

Remote working boom could see power-shift towards employees

The lockdown has been a major test for managers and leaders. Many businesses have had to tackle tough economic conditions, with demand for their goods and services evaporating overnight.

All change is a form of grief

This may come as a surprise, but what we are all feeling during this current pandemic is grief.

Lack of motivation in employees down to pandemic goal setting

Almost half (45%) of UK businesses have reported feeling confused about what goals to prioritise during the pandemic, impacting motivation levels and teamwork.

Leadership diversity is needed for LGBT+ employees to thrive

More LGBT+ leaders and heterosexual allies are needed if equality is to be achieved in the workplace, according to a report from professional services company Accenture.

HR future leader of the month: Lisa Faulkner

HR magazine speaks to the future leaders of the industry to discover what makes them tick


Day one of the CIPD Festival of Work

?The CIPD’s Festival of Work has been a little different this year, swapping the Olympia in London for a virtual conference experience fit with exhibitors, speakers, and wellbeing facilities.

Using redundancy as a way to support startup founders

Making mass redundancies is one task that many HR leaders hope they never have to face, let alone during the greatest economic shock in living memory.

Leaders are failing to communicate with employees during coronavirus

Nearly half of employees say communication is the area their leadership most needs to improve during the coronavirus pandemic

Hot Topic: Female leadership in a time of crisis

Countries led by women have come out on top in fighting the coronavirus pandemic. Female leaders such as Finland’s Sanna Marin and Jacinda Ardern in New Zealand have been praised for meeting the...

Leadership in a pandemic: the implications for HR and talent development managers

?While the desperate human consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic unfold, the HR profession is charged with reimagining how it interacts with a business landscape that has perhaps been forever reworked

Employees losing confidence in leaders throughout coronavirus pandemic

Employee confidence in coronavirus-related decision making is taking a huge hit, according to a new survey by engagement tech firm Culture Amp.