Leadership for the 21st century

?“A good succession plan is when a business anticipates its leadership needs of the future and puts in enough time to plan for a smooth transition.

The art of tricky succession conversations

?One of the qualities required for an HRD to be an effective succession planning facilitator is courage

HR's role in strategic succession planning

With greater scrutiny on how organisations are governed and led, now is the time for HR to take charge on succession planning

CEOs need to interact with employees more

More than a third (36%) of UK employees have never had any contact with their CEO, according to research from Unit4

Three ways to alleviate stress and boost morale during a reorganisation

HR should offer clear direction, and access to the right people and technology to alleviate stress and boost morale

HR future leader of the month: Ralph Coulson

HR magazine speaks to the future leaders of the industry to discover what makes them tick


Lessons from the C-suite: Rob Jupp

The experience and skillset of an HRD can be a little narrow

International case study: Building resilient leaders at MVF Global

How lead generation and customer acquisition business MVF Global boosted potential leaders’ confidence and abilities via management training

Most people-focused CEO: Helen McHale, Stockport Homes

Helen McHale’s consistent support, openness and integrity meant she was awarded Most people-focused CEO at the HR Excellence Awards. But her employees have been there for her in return

Making the leadership leap

How can organisations make sure that leadership transitions – both within and from outside the company – are successful?

Conflict a common occurrence at work

Both employees and employers think that conflict is a common occurrence at work, according to a CIPD report

HR struggling to develop effective leaders

A third of HR leaders have reported they struggle to develop effective senior leaders, according to research from Gartner. Development of effective mid-level leaders was also deemed challenging by 45%