A time for compassionate leadership

?The issue of ‘trust’ has come to the fore during the COVID-19 pandemic – the levels of trust in leaders prior to the crisis were generally low and, in my view, the current situation has put leaders...

HR could benefit from approaching remote working by personality

Working from home under lockdown is challenging for HR and employees. Yet, much of the rhetoric surrounding how to cope with and cater to a more remote workforce is only suitable for certain...

Rethinking business as usual post-coronavirus

We are living in unprecedented times and the Coronavirus outbreak has forced organisations to rethink ‘business as usual’ in terms of their delivery and their people management.

Diverse leadership remains key issue in future of business, say MBAs

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) students and graduates believe the discernment of female and BAME leadership will still be an important issue in the future of work, according to a survey held...

Why HR should push the reset button

It’s been hard to know where to start with writing this column. At the time of writing it we’re in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, I’m due to give birth to my second child any time now and my...

Self-management and flexible working have never been more important

In the last month or so, the working world has been completely upended for billions of people.

What leadership means in testing times

The greatest challenge is uncertainty about how Covid-19 will develop and its impact.

How HR can support an organisation when its leader is absent

Following news that prime minister Boris Johnson was rushed into intensive care last week, we look at how organisations cope when their leader is absent

What lessons leaders and HR can learn observing a toxic work environment

A beleaguered home secretary, a press briefing war, explosive resignations, grievance pay-outs and a lawsuit – accusations of a toxic culture in government are dominating headlines.

HR warned to look out for signs of domestic violence during remote working

HR leaders have been warned that remote working may see a rise in domestic abuse cases after calls to the National Domestic Abuse helpline saw a 25% increase since the lockdown began.

Why employers need to reconsider autism in the workplace

There aren’t any definitive or undisputed statistics that can tell us what percentage of the UK population has been identified with Autism.

HR may not have all the answers to the Coronavirus outbreak but being there is enough

What a month. It’s difficult to put into words the collective anxiety and unease we are all feeling at the moment.