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At the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition HRD panellists spoke on good work, the HR skillset and leadership for long-term organisational health

Can HR quantify culture?

New reporting requirements have been introduced around monitoring culture more closely. Will this improve corporate governance or be just another box to tick?

It's difficult but necessary to get the best leaders

Getting the best people in leadership jobs continues to be the simplest and most effective way to fix a business

Female and younger leaders more susceptible to imposter syndrome

More than a third (36%) of leaders experience frequent or high levels of 'impostor feeling' (IF), according to Heriot-Watt University and the School for CEOs research

HR future leader of the month: Opemipo Koshemani

HR magazine speaks to the future leaders of the industry to discover what makes them tick


The end of the road for sponsorship programmes

Sponsorship programmes may be impeding rather than boosting diversity, according to CIPD research

Lessons from the C-suite: Craig Sams

My biggest mistake has been always investing more time in my latest great idea and not enough in consolidating earlier achievements

Men and women are great leaders at different ages

There is still a lingering (yet false) assumption among some that men make better leaders

Employees feel they don't need managers' help

Creating collaborative cultures could help overcome difficulties in the employee-manager relationship

Bundles of energy in HR at BP

The oil and gas giant’s group HRD has a very clear idea of how HR can help the business transform and be fit for the future. Technology, young people and reverse mentoring will all play a part

Michael Watkins: Transitioning is a core leadership skill

There are eight common transition challenges that most leaders encounter in their professional lifetime

The face of HR influence

This year has been an uncertain one, so all the more reason to celebrate those guiding the HR profession through the turbulence