How I got here: Paul Campbell, Gateshead College

The head of people and organisational development at Gateshead College gives his tips for a successful career in HR


Future Leader: Joy Breen, head of HR, Wanstor

HR magazine's future leader highlights the promising career prospects of HR professionals


CIPD joins government-backed advisory to help SMEs in coronavirus recession

The UK government has launched an initiative to provide SMEs with free business advice to help them survive the post-pandemic recession.

Keeping diversity on the agenda during tough times

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) has never been more of a pressing topic. Be it in the workplace, in our personal lives or in society, there is (rightful) pressure for us to make sure our...

Targets not enough to help women into senior leadership roles

There are still too few women in senior leadership positions to drive long-term change, despite voluntary targets having boosted gender diversity on UK boards.

Remote support and supervision - how to keep development apace for junior employees

?As employers have had to adapt to the new, remote normal, many junior employees have reported feeling that communication, supervision and support has reduced.

HR needs to expand its role for coronavirus recovery, finds report

?HR teams must broaden their expertise and work directly with other functional areas of business as organisations recover from the impact of coronavirus, according to a new report from the Josh Bersin...

Does the UK need a more positive approach to open door policies?

In the UK, prime minister Boris Johnson’s leadership has been strongly scrutinised by the press with critics accusing him of mixed messaging and omission of key data sets.

Future leader: Callum Downing, people adviser at Intercity Technology

HR magazine's future leader highlights the promising career prospects of HR professionals


Diversity needs to be reflected in leadership

The Colour of Power reported that only 51 out of 1,097 powerful positions are filled by people from BAME backgrounds, a sign of the continuing lack of diversity in businesses.

Remote working boom could see power-shift towards employees

The lockdown has been a major test for managers and leaders. Many businesses have had to tackle tough economic conditions, with demand for their goods and services evaporating overnight.

All change is a form of grief

This may come as a surprise, but what we are all feeling during this current pandemic is grief.