Industry Voices

The need for data empowerment

A critical question is how big data can be simultaneously empowering for employees and beneficial to employers


It’s time for benefits platforms to deliver on their hype

You should demand more from your benefits software, says Nick Kjelgaard

Inequalities, discrimination and the pay gap

Can HR play a role in fostering workplace inclusion and equality?


Rapid internationalisation and performance: Is the sky the limit?

To speed or not to speed is the looming question in today’s time-competitive international markets

Skills: closing the other ‘gender gap’

Pay isn’t the only gender-related ‘gap’. It’s time to take a serious look at the issue of skills


How to bring reward and recognition into the 21st century

It’s time to change reward and recognition – and technology has the answers

Going global by thinking local

Expanding into new markets is both exciting and challenging. Here's how HR can get it right the first time


How mediation can make heroes and heroines of HR

Mediation skills are vital for any HR professional. Accredited mediator Paul Rose explains why


Why the gig economy is bad for hospitality and retail

Its apparent ‘flexibility’ is an illusion and the potent mix of rising costs and poorer service will expose this


Workplace pensions: Your chance to influence the future

Pension Quality Mark has launched a wide-ranging consultation around workplace pensions and it needs your views


Three steps to HR shared service success

More companies are discovering the benefits of shared services in HR. How do you make sure you get it right?

The new CEO: Managing up, down, in, out and across

A simple framework can help HRDs map the territory they need to prepare when a new CEO is appointed