Industry Voices

Hiring: The tools you need to succeed

In the search to discover the best talent, data and AI are playing an increasingly important role. But how do you ensure you get the most from these new techniques?

How price conditioning can work in HR

Price conditioning is the perfect model for HR, where employers underestimate the cost of talent and applicants expect to be paid fortunes

The future looks bright for HR down under

A new study suggests that the HR workforce in Australia will benefit from the changes in technology and employee mobility - provided it can keep up with demand

Background screening: How to find the right partner

Employee screening is a vital part of onboarding. But how do you make sure you find the right screening company?


Why a dog-friendly office can boost your business

A dog in the office could be just the boost to productivity and wellbeing you need, says Purina


Four simple steps to embed a true coaching culture

For real impact coaching has to be part of the wider business culture. So how can you ensure you get it right?

Being an influential woman

Identifying your influencing approach, reputation, resilience and career planning are all key to becoming influential as a woman

HR and business strategy – the way forward

People issues are critical today. So is it time for HR to take centre-stage when it comes to business strategy?


How to manage your mobile workers

A growing number of business rely on contractors. How can you ensure you deliver first-class service when your team doesn’t only work for you?


The office is dead. Long live the office

What can HR do to ensure that our workspaces really are fit for work?


Gender pay gap: Six essential checks you need to make now

With only weeks to go until the gender pay gap (GPG) deadline, here are some urgent checks you should make before you publish


Brexit's impact on City of London employment

In the lead up to Brexit we might be able to learn both something about the City and something about how well we adapt to change