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From fertility to menopause – these are the times when your employees need your support

Experiencing fertility issues, becoming a parent, going through menopause. These are natural life events, but they pose significant challenges for your people. How can employers ensure they provide...


Nine ways to achieve measurable DEI progress in 2021

Many employers acknowledge that they have struggled to make progress with diversity, equality and inclusion. John Rossheim looks at how to change things for the better in 2021.


Why treating employees as individuals is good for business

We live in a rapidly changing world with increasingly blurred boundaries between work and home. Our working hours and where and how we work are increasingly fluid. While some welcome flexibility, for...

Why risk management should to be part of your culture

Working from home looks like it is here to stay. But with this change comes a new set of challenges which HR needs to address.

The importance of employee wellbeing for SMEs

The financial case for prioritising employee wellbeing is now widely acknowledged. Roughly 70 million workdays were lost in 2019 due to mental health issues at a cost to employers of £2.4 billion,...

Employee relations during organisational change

Learn how to evolve beyond crisis management and drive transformation. Selenity’s latest webinar discusses the strategic methods to track and analyse employee relations, delving into root causes and...


Food for thought: A new way to boost employee morale and productivity

Keeping your employees fed - in the office, on the road or working from home - is about more than just their wellbeing as Michael Stewart, head of HR EMEA at Uber for Business explains

Testing - a positive case of reassurance

The coronavirus pandemic has shaken the world, changing every aspect of life as we knew it. From our family, social lives and travel dreams, to our homes and working arrangements, COVID-19 has turned...

How digital tools can support employee mental health post lockdown

As workplaces adjust to the impacts of COVID-19, concerns are growing over employee mental health. Digital health provider BioBeats shares its insights into new solutions that are transforming the...


Employee wellbeing inside the furlough bubble

The CJRS has provided an unparalleled financial safety net of up to 80% of salary to around nine million individuals. That’s not far off one third of the entire UK workforce.

Prioritise payroll to prioritise employees

There is a multitude of moving parts at the core of business success and growth. From implementing the correct technology to managing stakeholder relationships, there is no exact recipe for business...


How technology can help global companies weather coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted individuals and organisations at every level across the world, and the legacy of the pandemic will be far-reaching.