Human capital

Objectivity and data are key when assessing leaders

Ensuring the right leaders are in place is perhaps one of the most critical factors for any organisation

How all businesses can prepare for gender pay gap reporting

While the regulations target large organisations, companies of all sizes can take steps to close their gap

The BBC pay report: You are now entering an era of transparency

Publication of the BBC's pay report may be a milestone on the way to greater pay transparency generally

Standards for people management

Standards build upon the philosophy that valuing people is the cornerstone of organisational performance

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What happens when HR is put under the microscope?

Will your gender pay gap report be all pain and no gain?

Gender pay gap reporting could be damaging. But it’s also an opportunity to put diversity on the business agenda


Hot topic: Gender pay reporting, part two

As gender pay gap reporting is introduced will it lead to problems?

Hot topic: Gender pay gap reporting

As gender pay gap reporting is introduced, we ask: will it lead to problems, and what can firms do to counter them?

The metrics that matter

Data and analytics can be valuable to HR. But only if you're measuring the right things, in the right way

How can businesses truly measure culture?

Government, regulators and investors are increasingly focused on culture. What does this mean for HR?

What's been happening to evidence-based practice?

On a scale of zero (absolutely nothing) to 10 (HR has been revolutionised), I’d give it a three

In 2017 HR analytics must not forget the people

In 2017 Capgemini's talent director wants to see HR become more evidence-based but not forget the people

Human capital