Human capital

Measuring leadership effectiveness

Measuring the effectiveness of leaders is nothing new, but should HR be looking beyond financial outputs?

Companies cannot avoid reporting on gender pay

What will happen to companies who fail to meet the deadline or whose disclosures are inadequate?

Employment law: What we learnt in 2017

As we all prepare for the year ahead it's a good time to reflect on what we learnt in 2017

Reporting on the gender pay gap

As the Bank of England reveals its gender pay gap, what do you need to consider when writing your report and accompanying narrative?

Quality of workforce reporting variable

Stability – how stable and secure the current workforce is – was a particularly neglected area

HR must combine the best of old and new

Some thoughts from not that very long ago might no longer be the ultimate answer they promised to be

Poor paperwork could worsen Brexit skills shortages

Sponsor licence research highlights that the state of many businesses’ paperwork risks licence revocation

How to prepare for pay equality reporting

Race and disability pay gap reporting could prove much more difficult than with gender reporting

Gender pay reporting methods will mask the true problems

There are multiple ways companies can manipulate their gender pay gap results

Why PwC decided to report its BAME pay gap

The progress being made on gender diversity has made the firm think about broader areas of difference

What's wrong with D&I?

Despite government and organisational focus, some are tired of diversity. Has D&I failed and what counts as success?

Hot topic: Greater pay transparency, part two

What issues does greater pay transparency throw up for organisations, and how can they address these?

Human capital