Human capital

Green: HR failing to keep pace with external change

The world of work is changing beyond recognition but people strategy hasn't kept up, according to Kevin Green, founder and CEO of What's Next Consultancy and former CEO of the REC

New obligations and opportunities in assessing company culture

Culture is now in the sights of the regulators and set to become a boardroom issue

Hot topic: Diversity quotas, part two

PwC recently announced plans to ban all-male shortlists to boost the number of senior women

Hot topic: Diversity quotas

PwC has announced plans to ban all-male shortlists to boost the number of senior women

Businesses not reporting key people data

FTSE 100 firms are failing to share important workforce data in their annual reports, according to the CIPD

Men still dominate BBC's top-paid stars list

In response to the news HR magazine asked experts what the latest figures say about the progress of gender pay equality, and what this means for other employers

Businesses will have to justify exec pay

UK firms will be forced to publish and justify details of pay gaps between staff and bosses following concerns over executive pay

HR failing to track employee metrics

Many UK HR departments don't track essential employee metrics, according to research by NGA Human Resources

Heffernan: KPIs and targets create “perverse outcomes”

Employees form high-achieving teams when organisations create conditions where helpfulness is possible

What gender pay gap reporting really tells us

Reporting is an opportunity to shine a stronger light on where gender pay disparity is really happening

Doing the maths: Why culture can be quantified

Not only is it possible to quantify culture, it's essential to building a profitable business

Long-term gender pay solutions could create short-term reporting problems

Many companies are yet to disclose their gender pay gap despite the deadline being April

Human capital