Human capital

What do people mean when they call HR soft and fluffy?

This perennial accusation is paradoxically a pretty vague one, and has multiple meanings

Missing gender pay gap figures: 47 organisations yet to report

?Forty-seven organisations have been named and shamed by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) for failing to report their latest gender pay gap data

Have we made gender pay gap progress?

Two years into mandatory reporting and growing gaps are prompting calls for compulsory action plans and narrative statements, with concerns around data accuracy

Publish disability figures, urges charity

Scope is calling on other organisations to join it in reporting disability figures, so that employees can get the workplace support they need

Corporate governance regulations: Are you ready to report?

The Companies (Miscellaneous Reporting) Regulations 2018 means organisations need to follow new rules around employee engagement and reporting on executive pay ratios

Gender pay gap reporting round two: What have we learned?

With just one week to the deadline for the second year of gender pay gap reporting and with thousands of firms yet to report, we look back at what we’ve learnt so far

Leberecht: There needs to be a new Romantic movement in business

Being Romantic is the most unique advantage humans have in the age of machines, Leberecht said in his talk at Unleash

HR failing to use analytics

Almost half of UK businesses are failing to use insights from analytics in their HR operations, according to a survey by MHR Analytics

Legislation on non-disclosure agreements to change

?New proposals to prevent employers from using gagging clauses to cover up wrongdoing have been put forward

Firms risk alienating staff with disruption plans

Organisations mustn't overlook their people when undergoing changes to prepare for the future of work, according to research from Mercer

HRD's pocket guide to... big data

The HRD’s pocket guide series offers an explanation of areas outside day-to-day HR that business-savvy HRDs need to have a handle on

Asda equal pay victory has "widespread repercussions" for HR

As Asda workers win a landmark case over equal pay, legal experts warn HR to prepare for wider pay reporting obligations

Human capital