Human capital

Keeping momentum with gender pay gap reporting

Gender pay gap (GPG) reporting has shone a much-needed spotlight on workplace inequality. However, last year only half of employers improved their GPG and 39% reported a worse gap

FRC reviews Corporate Governance Code compliance

A Financial Reporting Council (FRC) report finds companies struggling to define their purpose

How to build a people analytics team

Getting the make-up of a people analytics team right is key to it solving business issues

Government Equalities Office: Gender pay gap starts from "depressingly” young age

?With gender pay gap reporting now on most organisations’ radars employers must do more to understand the causes behind their gap

Only half of employees think they are fairly paid

?Only half (51%) of permanent employees think they are paid fairly, a report from the CIPD finds

FTSE 350 lagging behind on women in senior leadership

?Half of all senior leadership roles in FTSE 350 companies must go to women in 2020 if the Hampton-Alexander Review’s targets are to be met

The new UK Corporate Governance Code

The Code sets out that for accounting periods starting on or after 1 January 2019 the board should:

The Companies (Miscellaneous Reporting) Regulations 2018

?These came into force in January 2019, with most reporting generally beginning in 2020 (apart from CEO pay ratios)

Kiren Vadher: We need evidence-based family-friendly policies at work

Recording data around flexible working and family-friendly policies is crucial to tackling inequality in the workplace and reducing the gender pay gap

Quarter of BAME staff bullied or harassed at work

One year on from the launch of the Race At Work Charter, firms are still failing to prevent racially-motivated bullying and provide equal opportunities for BAME staff

HR must collaborate with procurement on contingent workforce management

Speakers at ProcureCon HR spoke on the gaps in HR's capability when it comes to managing temporary and freelance workers

Four employee experience myths that must be tackled

Leah Johnson, vice president of advisory at Gartner, outlined the popular myths that HR should be aware of around employee experience

Human capital