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COVID-19, HR and the workplace: three lasting changes

Making changes ‘sticky’ and sustainable in organisations can be notoriously challenging. After all, it is a long journey dependent on the right balance of leadership, economics, politics and...

Freedom of choice to prevail in post-COVID-19 work styles

Employees will want more freedom in where they choose to work following the coronavirus pandemic

Limeade CPO: Navigating surveillance and trust in remote workers

With teams no longer in the office, it can be tempting for managers to want to apply new technologies to survey their employee’s performance

Majority of HR to encourage remote working post lockdown

?Two thirds (67%) of UK chief HR officers plan to encourage employees to work remotely on a regular basis after lockdown.

Remote working putting team cohesion at risk, study finds

The bond between team members, trust and information sharing have come out as the top three areas most at risk by remote working.

Don’t expect a flexible work revolution

Human beings are around three million years old, in one form or another. Sophisticated as we like to think we are, much of our behaviour follows patterns that have evolved over those three million...

Could the remote economy deliver the next age of deindustrialisation?

COVID-19 has completely changed the current landscape for the remote economy and knowledge workers.

Emotional intelligence to have upper hand in post-COVID-19 recruitment

Hiring managers will need to start promoting and recruiting workers for their emotional intelligence, not just technical ability, as we move towards a post-coronavirus culture

Economy needs to level up at “supersonic speed” to protect vulnerable

The UK's economy needs to level up at “supersonic speed” to protect the most vulnerable by keeping jobs intact, according to chief executive of Public Health England Duncan Selbie

Top tips for HR to keep remote workers safe online

Throughout COVID-19 one aspect which has made things undoubtedly easier is technology.

Keeping employees safe online during lockdown

On the 16 March the government lockdown came into action. I know, it feels as if we’ve aged 200 years.

Day one of the CIPD Festival of Work

?The CIPD’s Festival of Work has been a little different this year, swapping the Olympia in London for a virtual conference experience fit with exhibitors, speakers, and wellbeing facilities.

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