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CJRS amendment creates redundancy confusion

?A new amendment added to the Treasury’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) direction has created further confusion and potential worries for employers with workers on furlough.

Remote working productivity predicted to decrease

?Prolonged and permanent remote work could lead to a productivity slump in the long-term, according to software firm Names & Faces.

HR leaders in favour of fewer offices

HR leaders across the UK say that COVID-19 will put an end to the office for the majority of companies.

Post-pandemic pay cuts on the horizon, bosses warn

?Remote culture could drive future pay-cuts for UK employees as the government’s furlough scheme runs out in October.

Never has there been a better time to take the ‘flex’ leap of faith

?The prospect of moving from an office-based workforce to flexwork can be daunting. It can be a very complex and emotional journey which many of your key stakeholders are likely to have wildly...

Why workplace trust creates a productive and engaged team

Workplace trust has never been more important. To create and maintain a positive workplace culture across a digital workforce, it’s critical that senior management trust employees to get their work...

Coronavirus response gives opportunity for HR to become heroes

Coronavirus has allowed HR to step up and become ‘heroes’ of an organisation, according to global research analyst Josh Bersin.

Lessons from a remote-first workplace

?The COVID-19 lockdown enforced a new status quo: adopt remote working to achieve business continuity or suffer major losses. As restrictions start to lift across countries, the question is, what’s...

COVID-19, HR and the workplace: three lasting changes

Making changes ‘sticky’ and sustainable in organisations can be notoriously challenging. After all, it is a long journey dependent on the right balance of leadership, economics, politics and...

Freedom of choice to prevail in post-COVID-19 work styles

Employees will want more freedom in where they choose to work following the coronavirus pandemic

Limeade CPO: Navigating surveillance and trust in remote workers

With teams no longer in the office, it can be tempting for managers to want to apply new technologies to survey their employee’s performance

Majority of HR to encourage remote working post lockdown

?Two thirds (67%) of UK chief HR officers plan to encourage employees to work remotely on a regular basis after lockdown.

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