Global mobility

Case study: Off-peak staff swapping at Grace Hotels

The hotel group’s Strategic Labour Partnership with other luxury brands provides employees with a sea of opportunities

Employment and immigration rules after a no-deal Brexit

There is little clarity around what the employment landscape for foreign talent will look like if a deal isn't reached

Employment rights a Brexit priority for finance professionals

As the government publishes 'no-deal Brexit' advice for firms, research shows senior professionals are more concerned with employment rights than economic matters

Police vow to "root out" sexual harassment among staff

Research reveals staff face high levels of incidents such as leering, sexual gestures and inappropriate touching

A postcard from... Israel

Our 'postcard from' series keeps you updated on key HR areas in different countries

New Zealand passes Bill for paid leave for domestic abuse victims

As New Zealand passes legislation to allow domestic abuse victims 10 days' paid leave, campaigners hope it will prompt UK policymakers and businesses to take action

Who’ll take the global edge in the gig economy?

Any country that can get the legal and regulatory framework right – striking the balance between flexibility and security – may give itself a significant edge

A postcard from... New Zealand

Our 'postcard from' series keeps you updated on key HR areas in different countries

Brexit whitepaper leaves questions unanswered for employers

The government has released a whitepaper stating that free movement for skilled workers and students must be recognised post-Brexit, but crictics say it lacks detail

Workers more concerned about surveillance than robots

Surveillance is the new technology that most concerns workers, according to the first report from the RSA’s Future Work Centre.

The Tier 2 visa news is a hopeful indicator of post-Brexit landscape

?The situation facing NHS employers struggling to get visas for overseas doctors was approaching a crisis

Not enough employees willing to be internationally mobile

RES Forum research finds that global mobility must be smart, agile, flawless and efficient

Global mobility