Global mobility

PM refusing to safeguard citizens’ rights in no-deal Brexit

Boris Johnson’s refusal to enshrine EU citizens’ rights in law shows disregard for all migrants, including British citizens who have created new lives in Europe

Spotlight on UK expats in the travel industry

An estimated 25,000 UK citizens work in the EU supporting seasonal outbound tourism

How Brexit will affect UK staff working overseas

While Brexit remains as murky as ever it will certainly have an impact on UK expats working in Europe. Here's what could happen and how HR should prepare

Will lowering salary thresholds solve the skills crisis?

There is perhaps no way to change the migration system without creating winners and losers

Workers' rights body launched

Workers will be given greater protections as a result of the formation of new body according to the government, but details remain unclear

Reassure your EEA employees that it's not too bleak

Although Brexit is still confusing there is much evidence that EEA nationals are welcome to stay in the UK

Gender pay obligations across EMEA

While HR professionals may feel they've now got to grips with gender pay reporting, similar legislation is being introduced in other countries. So HR must understand regional variations

Supreme Court competition clause decision: Experts react

Employers looking to prevent employees going to competitors might welcome this ruling but restrictions must still be carefully defined

Employment tribunal system struggling to cope

Research from the Employment Lawyers Association (ELA)? has painted a “bleak picture” of employment tribunal delays

Global mobility: Strengthening your organisation’s competitive advantage

RES Forum research has identified key areas of attention for HR when it comes to global assignments

Why we launched an employee share scheme

Our colleagues are our business and without them we are nothing. We want them not only to feel ownership of Weir but to have ownership

Shortage occupation list must be expanded, government told

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has called on the government to expand its shortage occupation list (SOL) while MPs warn of 'another Windrush' if EU Settlement Scheme concerns aren't addressed

Global mobility