Global mobility

HR needs to be more proactive on expat assignments

There are many considerations, including the impact moving abroad could have on an employee's mental health

Have your say on post-Brexit immigration

The government commissioned the Migration Advisory Committee to advise on the impacts of Brexit

EU nationals in the UK: Brexit and beyond

The government has announced its long overdue plan for EU nationals and their family members

Political uncertainty means HR issues hang in the balance

We explore the effects the minority government could have on Brexit talks, workers' rights and immigration issues

International immigration compliance – an HR headache of global proportions

Non-compliance with regulations could lead to operational, financial and reputational risks

Stark difference between global mobility tracking ambitions and reality

The RES Forum's annual report also explored motivations to accept an assignment and the impact of Brexit

Hot topic: Key issues for the new government

What key issues should the new government be focusing on after the result is announced?

A postcard from... South Africa

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Gender diversity and global mobility

While women make up about 40% of the global workforce, only 15-25% of international assignees are women

Your global mobility pre-flight checklist

Follow this list to the letter and your expats are sure to have a smooth experience

A postcard from... Russia

Our 'postcard from' series keeps you updated on key HR areas in different countries

Language skills and adaptability key for global employees

Most HR managers believe speaking multiple languages will be important for employees' global employability

Global mobility