HR not doing enough to combat sexist behaviour in the workplace

HR teams are not taking enough preventive measures to stop cases of sexism and sexual harassment taking place in the workplace.

Pandemic highlights need for gender inclusive parental leave

Volvo's announcement of 24 weeks paid parental leave for all genders highlights the shift in business mindset when it comes to employee benefits.

Thousands of organisations opt out of gender pay gap reporting

The number of employers publishing their gender pay gap data has fallen in its thousands since 2018 according to new analysis from the CIPD.

Gender equality is the largest challenge post-coronavirus

Data is already showing that the risk of a She-cession as a result of the pandemic is real. Not only have women taken on more responsibilities at home – schooling and caring for children and elderly...


Women discriminated against at work for starting families

Employers are discriminating against women who may go onto have children, according to new research by women’s charity Young Women’s Trust.

Lack of menopause support at work pushing women to resign

Nearly half (45%) of working women with menopause consider retiring or taking a break from work, yet employer support could help keep them in the workforce.

How HR can keep women safe after work

The issue of women’s safety in public places has been pushed into focus after the tragic death of Sarah Everard in London last month, and now businesses are pledging their support to make female...

How Hertfordshire County Council is prioritising D&I in its coronavirus recovery

Hertfordshire County Council has reinvigorated its D&I strategy to ensure its employees feel more valued during its coronavirus recovery.

The 'shecession' will impact your business. Here's what you can do to help

We’ve all read the headlines – the impact of the ‘shecession’ will be felt long after this pandemic is over.


How shared parental leave is failing women

Women’s stereotypical role as primary caregivers has been exacerbated by the pandemic, with new home-schooling responsibilities being reported as having fallen predominantly on women. Shared parental...

Eliminating the zero-sum game mindset will accelerate workplace diversity

For a number of years, businesses have been working to embed diversity initiatives and inclusive behaviours into their culture, increasing awareness and understanding of the benefits a diverse...

Is 2021 finally the year women can discuss menopause in the workplace?

It is increasingly clear to me, since I became peri-menopausal, that we do not have nearly enough conversations about how this monumental life event, the menopause, affects our working habits.