Metaverse: the virtual reality for work revolution starts here

Facebook has announced that it is hiring 10,000 people to build its contribution to the 'metaverse'. Put simply, this is a digital world that mirrors and augments our own, accessed using a virtual...

Upskilling and 'human digitisation' at Henkel

Staff at Henkel identified what skills were needed to take jobs forward on the organisation’s journey to digitisation, and paths were created for managers and blue-collar workers

Jason Bradbury: Tech can make us more empathetic

?Speaking at the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition, Jason Bradbury outlined technology's power to boost empathy and advised HR not to worry about automation

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Making a great hire needn’t break the bank. Here are 15 creative ways to find the right candidate whatever your budget

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Gamification of management education

Gamification provides a safe environment for experiential learning

Technology’s impact on work and HR may be overstated

Research has found that flexible working and contracts are potentially bigger issues for HR

Leaders have increased confidence in digital skills

While Deloitte research shows that business leaders’ confidence in their own and new hires' digital skills has improved, concerns about keeping pace with new technologies and ethical use of AI persist

Gamification in HR: Hit or miss?

Gamification has been around for some time now, so where has it proved a useful tool in HR and where has it been over-hyped?

The Internet of Things in the office and HR

How is technology such as the Internet of Things changing the workplace environment, and is there a danger it will go too far?

HR magazine tries... virtual reality

HR magazine editor Jenny Roper tests out some virtual reality training simulations

EQ of critical importance in world of AI

Speakers at a JCA Global event presented on the importance of emotional intelligence in leadership