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How HR can tackle equal pay despite coronavirus set backs

Today marks the day when women in the UK effectively work for free for the rest of the year, as a result of the disparity in pay between men and women.

Gender pay gap decreases

A report from The Fawcett Society has reported that the mean gender pay gap for all employees, not just those working full-time, is 14.6% this year, down from 16.3% last year.

HR analytics and ethical trade-offs – the unconsidered narrative

In the last 15 years the use of data and analytics in HR has grown rapidly. CIPD research found in 2018, 75% of companies globally reported using HR analytics.

What HR should know about the limits of “spying” on employees

The headlines that the BBC’s director-general Tim Davie has introduced sweeping new guidance on staff’s use of social media and rules on presenters moonlighting for private companies, raise...

Employers ignoring retiring workers due to coronavirus

Employers are not helping staff once they approach the age they can claim their pension, according to new research by financial planning and retirement savings business Punter Southall.

Business leaders must tackle racism at work, author Reni Eddo-Lodge urges

?Leaders need to be brave enough to fight back against racism in the workplace, according to journalist and author Reni Eddo-Lodge on day one of the CIPD’s annual conference.

Government could risk leaving key workers behind over sick pay rules

Thousands of key workers could be at a disadvantage, should they fall ill or need to self-isolate, due to a lack of cover in the Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) regulations, the Recruitment and Employment...

More stability in sight for employment, reports CIPD

Improvements to recruitment activity and a decrease in employers’ redundancy intentions have started to slow the pace of declining job prospects.

Extension of employee furlough scheme – what does it mean for businesses and what’s next?

The extension of the furlough scheme until the end of March 2021 provides businesses with a welcome degree of longer-term certainty regarding government support for employees; but how effectively will...

Thinking positively around diversity

Many businesses are critically re-examining diversity and equality within their organisations, recognising it as both a moral and a commercial imperative. Diverse workforces have been shown to be more...

Employee furlough scheme extended until March 2021 but HR concerns remain

The UK government’s decision to extend the furlough scheme through March 2021 has been broadly welcomed, although there are calls for a long-term plan to account for the impact the pandemic will have...

Weathering the storm: what HR should know in light of lockdown 2.0

Following a spike in COVID-19 cases, the government’s second national lockdown is forcing pubs, restaurants and non-essential shops to close once more.

Employment law