Employee value proposition

Employees need to know they're in safe hands

It’s been a year since I began remote working. First at the kitchen table, hunched over like Quasimodo’s long-lost sister, then with the addition of an extra keyboard and mouse because I was feeling...

Employers should value staff as an asset not an expense, says new paper

A new white paper has been published to provide employers with ways of valuing their talent as an asset rather than an expense in a post-coronavirus world of work.

Financial safety leads as top priority for SME benefit schemes

?A quarter of SME employees would like income protection in a post-COVID-19 workplace.

Employers accused of not ‘actively listening’ to workers during coronavirus response

Less than one in five employers have said they are actively listening to the needs and concerns of employees as part of their COVID-19 response.

Financial worries have profound impact on employee mental health

The vast majority (90%) of employers agree that financial worries have a negative impact on an employee’s mental health, a survey by fintech company Smarterly has found.

Where are the best places to work in 2020?

Great Place to Work has announced its 2020 winners despite being unable to hold its annual awards gala

Why HR needs to be aspirational not foundational

Employee experience (EX) matters. But what should we be doing in HR to really deliver excellence?


HR needs to act to protect employee engagement

Companies need to focus on employees’ emotions and keep their promises if they want to restore productivity and engagement, according to Gartner’s chief of HR research Brian Kropp

Businesses leaders count diversity as top priority to improve productivity

More than a quarter (28%) of UK business leaders said increasing diversity and inclusion was a top priority for them in the first half of 2020 in order to improve workplace culture

How AI can help managers be more aligned with employees’ needs

As AI alleviates admin-heavy tasks employees will be able to add a significant layer of additional value to the business. They will also be able to focus on tasks that are more engaging and fulfilling

Ensure employees are engaged with the brand

Employees do not want a brand that conveys great things about the customer experience yet ignores the employee experience

Smoothie does it: HR at Innocent Drinks

Innocent Drinks’ group people and culture director, Sarah-Jane Norman tells HR magazine how the company has stayed true to its roots while expanding