Employee engagement

Employees losing confidence in leaders throughout coronavirus pandemic

Employee confidence in coronavirus-related decision making is taking a huge hit, according to a new survey by engagement tech firm Culture Amp.

A time for compassionate leadership

?The issue of ‘trust’ has come to the fore during the COVID-19 pandemic – the levels of trust in leaders prior to the crisis were generally low and, in my view, the current situation has put leaders...

Financial worries have profound impact on employee mental health

The vast majority (90%) of employers agree that financial worries have a negative impact on an employee’s mental health, a survey by fintech company Smarterly has found.

Lack of recognition is biggest barrier to engagement for UK workers

A lack of employee recognition for their contributions is the single biggest factor for British people feeling disengaged at work, according to Achievers.

How to make virtual teams work

Remote working is not a new phenomenon. But as the coronavirus health crisis spreads rapidly across the globe, it has suddenly become the exclusive mode of working for much of the world.

Employers should introduce 'four days on, ten days off' rota to avoid virus spread

Employers should introduce a 'four days on, ten days off' work rota to limit contact between staff and prevent the virus from spreading as the population returns to work.

HR professionals find employee morale has risen during pandemic

One third (32.2%) of UK businesses say employee engagement is higher now that it was before the coronavirus pandemic forced workers into lockdown.

HR responds to COVID-19: DHL Supply Chain

A sense of pride in the DHL brand and the work that it does to keep the country running has been the resounding impact for employees at the delivery supply chain.

Why HR should push the reset button

It’s been hard to know where to start with writing this column. At the time of writing it we’re in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, I’m due to give birth to my second child any time now and my...

Happiness key to performance of employees during lockdown

HR must understand the happiness of its employees if they are going to perform effectively through COVID-19.

Spotify reveals world's most popular working from home songs

Spotify data has revealed the world’s most popular working from home tracks, as workers hunker down during the coronavirus lockdown.

Emotions are impacting employees during coronavirus pandemic

Forty per cent of employees have found their emotions are impacting their work performance during coronavirus.

Employee engagement