Employee engagement

Radical transparency is needed in the workplace

Obstructing honest feedback will result in simmering disputes between different teams and departments, said chief executive and founder of ViewsHub Ab Banerjee

John Lewis cuts bonus to lowest level in decades

John Lewis and Waitrose staff will receive a bonus of just 2% in 2020, which is their lowest payout in 67 years

We must focus on individual not national productivity

The UK has a persistent problem with productivity. Recent statistics indicate that productivity is stagnant and its growth has been sluggish for the past decade or more

Case study: Superdrug's Everyone Matters D&I strategy

Superdrug has worked hard over the past 18 months to become a more diverse and inclusive workplace, with plenty of positive results

What makes a high-potential remote worker?

Remote workers still need traditional HR processes such as performance management to be at their most effective and engaged

The HR challenges of combining three brands into one

Virgin Money’s group HRD had the tricky task of fusing three brands together to create a new type of bank. She has changed reward, performance management, engagement and more

One foot in retirement

Employees are not saving enough for retirement, and often not even aware of the fact. Employers have a duty to ensure their workforces make appropriate plans for saving

Automation and AI's role in HR

Recruitment, onboarding and retention are time-consuming tasks that keep HR busy for little reason when software can execute some of the same actions quicker and more accurately

Emotions are vital in the workplace

?Delegates at Seville's 2020 MERIT Summit were told of the importance of finding love in what you do

Majority of UK workers feel unappreciated and neglected

Just 42% of UK employees rate their experience at work positively, according to the O.C Tanner Institute’s 2020 Global Culture report

The future of employee engagement is not anonymous, say HR experts

Anonymity in employee surveys can create a disconnect between people and their responses

Health and wellbeing still not high enough priority

Research shows that not enough employers are providing health and wellbeing programmes, despite 77% recognising the importance of mental wellbeing

Employee engagement