Employee engagement

Time to hit reset, not rewind: 2021 is an opportunity to re-establish diversity and inclusion priorities priorities

As the world turned its attention in 2020 to fighting off the pandemic some of society’s gaps were exposed.

NHS employee relations during COVID-19 is reaching breaking point

The impact of the COVID-19 on employment relations has been felt across all organisations up and down the country. Many employees have adapted their working patterns and roles to quickly respond to...

Under 35s fear COVID-19 will affect their careers

The pandemic’s effect on job prospects and earning potential is causing concern among young people as fears that they will become the ‘lost generation’ grow.

Jacobs launches mental health check-in tool to boost employee engagement

Engineering firm Jacobs has launched a free mental health check-in tool One Million Lives to help employees and the wider community better understand their mental health.

Using correct pronouns leads to a more inclusive workplace, HR urged

HR teams have an important role to play to make sure that trans and non-binary staff are not discriminated against and that they feel comfortable at their place of work.

HR leaders experiencing the most stressful year of their careers

HR leaders across the globe have experienced the most stressful year of their careers due to coronavirus pandemic.

Digital transformation held back by lack of employee engagement

Companies’ digital transformation projects are failing due to a lack of staff buy-in, according to new research from software provider IFS.

Younger generation critical to economic recovery

The younger generation could be the key to economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic and reverse mentoring could help drive positive change, says new research by Barclays.

Performance feedback needs improvement, say employees

?Employees think there is plenty of room for improvement when it comes to the performance feedback they are receiving from employers, according to new research from performance management specialist,...

Bridging the social distance divide: onboarding in the COVID era

Even in a hugely disrupted jobs market, firms are still hiring – and many people are joining a company without meeting their new colleagues in person.

Employee wellbeing to shape future workplaces

Employee wellbeing and empowerment will be priorities in the future workplace, according to a new report.

Coronavirus boosts engagement as employers pay more attention to people’s needs

?UK employees were more engaged at work in July than they were pre-coronavirus in January this year, rising by 0.5%.

Employee engagement