The silent struggle of carers

The UK has an estimated seven million registered carers - that’s a staggering one in 10 people. That number is only set to grow too, and over the next 30 years, it’s anticipated the total will have...


Pandemic has caused career crisis for parents and carers

Many employers may not be giving fair treatment to parents and carers whose work has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new study by Karian and Box and the Global Institute for...

Working carers taking paid leave to fulfil responsibilities

Employer’s support of working carers has been brought into question due to carers who also work time admitting they have considered giving up their job entirely to look after their relatives.

UK businesses failing informal carers

Informal carers are being left behind by UK businesses, new research from care, health and wellbeing service WeMa Care has revealed

'Sandwich carers' need more employer support

People who look after both children and older relatives are struggling to cope with these caring responsibilities alongside their jobs, according to BHSF

Dealing with flexible working requests from staff with caring responsibilities

Given the ageing population, employees increasingly need to balance their work and life to deal with caring responsibilities

Harnessing social care funding reform to enhance employee benefits

Adult social care vouchers would empower working-age people to save for their future care needs

PwC launches Flexible Talent Network

The firm said it hopes to take flexible working to the 'next level' to tap into diverse talent

Savings gap leaves women unprepared for retirement

Only 23% of female workers feel financially prepared for retirement, in comparison to 36% of men

Working Families award winners: Centrica

Centrica beat fierce competition to win the Best for Carers and Eldercare award

Beware the impact of IPT rises on medical insurance

Employers must recognise and prepare for the significant impact November’s insurance premium tax (IPT) rise will have on the affordability of their healthcare schemes, health insurer Western Provident...

Mortgages as an employee benefit

In an active job market, employee benefits are attraction and retention battlegrounds. As firms compete to offer the most innovative schemes, there's a new kid on the benefits block.