Diversity & inclusion

Why all employers must learn how to become actively anti-racist

This week Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England released new research revealing that 6.5 million employees feel they cannot be their ‘real self’ at work and less than half (43%) think their...

Keeping diversity on the agenda during tough times

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) has never been more of a pressing topic. Be it in the workplace, in our personal lives or in society, there is (rightful) pressure for us to make sure our...

People in ethnic minorities at heightened risk of financial insecurity

?People from black, Asian and other minority ethnic (BAME) communities are more than twice as likely than the UK average to be out of work as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, according to...

How to cultivate inclusive language in the workplace

The language used in a workplace can be one of the main indicators of a toxic culture – whether it’s asking someone where they’re really from or using racist language in the workplace, it can add up...

HR has the opportunity to lead on trans and non-binary inclusivity

?The last week has been a formative time for equality legislation in the UK, with high profile decisions not receiving as much coverage due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic announcements.

The gender feedback gap

In 2019, the gender pay gap in the UK was 17.3%. Put simply, this means women earned on average 83p for every £1 men were paid for the same job.

Targets not enough to help women into senior leadership roles

There are still too few women in senior leadership positions to drive long-term change, despite voluntary targets having boosted gender diversity on UK boards.

Interview: Unconscious bias and diversity training from a theatre company

Black British theatre company Talawa Theatre has started offering unconscious bias and diversity training to organisations seeking to address their own internal biases.

Most LGBT-friendly places to work announced by Stonewall

LGBT equality charity Stonewall has announced its list of the top global employers for 2020.

Coronavirus has affected female hiring and job confidence

?The coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on the professional lives of women in the UK, according to new data from LinkedIn.

Diversity and inclusion key to agility post-pandemic

Businesses are keen to increase their workforce agility in response to the coronavirus pandemic and the majority believe that increasing diversity and creating an inclusive culture is a key way to...

Demand for D&I roles four times higher than those in HR

?The number of D&I roles in UK workplaces has increased by 58% over the past five years according to a new report from LinkedIn.

Diversity & inclusion