Diversity & inclusion

BAME workers feel they have to mask identity at work

?Nearly half of BAME (49%) workers in the UK said they have to mask part of their identity to fit in at the office.

Beyond ‘race washing’ - how to make sure your business is a race ally

Research in social psychology suggests that, at a very primal level, the human default position is to congregate into groups that afford us safety. Our natural reaction is to reject the unfamiliar, in...

What employers can do for BAME employees as we head back to the office

The murder of George Floyd, alongside the shocking rate of coronavirus deaths within the ethnic minority population, has highlighted a lot of ugly truths about divides - namely race, privilege, equity...

Leadership diversity is needed for LGBT+ employees to thrive

More LGBT+ leaders and heterosexual allies are needed if equality is to be achieved in the workplace, according to a report from professional services company Accenture.

Rate of unemployment reveals socioeconomic penalty for ethnic minorities

A major study into the jobs of people from ethnic minority groups has revealed “persistent racism” in access to positive socioeconomic outcomes

Coronavirus putting women’s careers at risk

Employers must shift focus from helping just mothers to helping parents and do more to address inequality at home if diversity initiatives are to be successful

What Adidas employees are asking for, and why all companies should listen

?German sportswear brand Adidas has been in the headlines after employees sent a report to executives and held a series of protests alleging that existing checks and measures to tackle inequality at...

Disadvantaged areas see disproportionate amount of job seekers per vacancy

Twenty unemployed people are chasing every vacancy in disadvantaged areas of the UK, up from around four people per vacancy before the coronavirus hit.

Inappropriate behaviour - when the past is not left in the past

The news that Stephen Jones, head of UK Finance, has quit over "thoroughly unpleasant" personal comments he made in 2008 about financier Amanda Staveley, is a stark reminder to executives that their...

Scottish employees frequently going to work when ill

Over half (55%) of Scottish employees go to work despite not feeling well enough, according to CIPD Scotland.

Why the far right 'protests' this weekend were far from our finest hour

The scenes of the weekend were ugly with ‘protestors’ gathering in central London to supposedly defend Churchill’s statue from the planned Black Lives Matter protests.

Now is the opportunity for a cultural clean slate, says former NBA star John Amaechi

The radical changes of the past few months calls for a rejection of the ‘new normal’, according to NBA star John Amaechi.

Diversity & inclusion