Diversity & inclusion

Gender pay gap reporting and trans people

As COVID-19 challenges develop and, hopefully, subside, the enforcement of the pay gap reporting deadline for employers with at least 250 employees in Great Britain will continue from 6 April 2021.

Clear face mask backing needed to support UK's deaf community

?Not for profit Business Disability Forum has called on government to recommend the use of clear face coverings and help the 12 million people in the UK who are deaf or living with hearing loss.

Coronavirus could spread work opportunities more equally throughout the country

People who move to London and the south-east for their career have better prospects and earn more money than those who stay in the areas where they grew up.

CVs are a tool for discrimination and bias affirmation

?We all know that the CV is total nonsense. Evidence suggests that using CVs as a form of selection serves to amplify bias and in turn reinforce the gulf between those with [enter applicable...

Fostering diversity and inclusion in a remote environment

During times of geopolitical and societal unrest, when many employees are isolated and struggling to balance their personal and professional responsibilities, inclusiveness becomes even more vital to...

Recruiters say chancellor’s plan for jobs overlooks other critical groups

Chancellor Rishi Sunak may have created a much-needed safety net for young people yet there are concerns by some working groups that he has overlooked the needs of underrepresented workers.

More women than men seek permanent roles post-pandemic

Female workers are looking for more permanent roles post-coronavirus to create more stability and protect against economic uncertainty.

Companies urged to create global disability inclusion strategy

?Global brands are struggling to serve the needs of disabled people by not developing an inclusive strategy for their employees.

Making the recruitment process inclusive for deaf employees

Five million people of working age in the UK are living with hearing loss or deafness and, while there are millions of deaf people who are willing and able to work, sadly, people with hearing loss...

Five top tips for steering a safe course through the diversity dilemma

The beginning of the lockdown saw many diversity and inclusion (D&I) leaders fall into the 'non-essential' category and laid off.

FTSE 350 challenged with "beyond 30%" target for diverse representation

?New targets have been set to improve gender and racial equality in UK businesses.

The emotional tax women of colour pay in the workplace every day

?Women of colour faced daunting challenges in the labour market before the COVID-19 pandemic, and now these inequities are even more exposed with protests for racial justice and equality in countries...

Diversity & inclusion