The rise of aggressive tactics against employees

Some employers in sectors badly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic are increasingly using aggressive tactics to save money.

HR struggling to enforce lockdown rules

Monitoring staff’s adherence to lockdown rules outside the office is proving difficult for HR.

Remote working and social distancing challenges: investigations, grievances and disciplinary processes

As the COVID-19 crisis continues employers are turning their attention to the emerging employment issues for which there is no playbook, such as conducting procedures in the context of remote working...

Can you force employees back to work?

?The UK government has confirmed that from Wednesday 13 May those who are unable to work from home should be ‘actively encouraged’ to return to work.

Hundreds of businesses at risk of insolvency due to furlough payment delay

Hundreds of businesses are at risk of becoming insolvent, says the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC).

Exploring the right to be accompanied in disciplinary or grievance hearings

While Acas guidance sets out the rules, there are some aspects where a more relaxed approach is best practice

Legal-ease: Relationships at work and 'love contracts'

The recent dismissal of McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook has prompted a global debate about acceptable levels of intrusion by employers into the personal lives of their employees

Handling allegations of criminal behaviour in the workplace

Crime is not just something that happens outside of working hours and away from working premises

Legal-ease: Employee loyalty

Can employers demand loyalty from their employees?

The case for sacking Boris Johnson

If Boris Johnson were head of a company, not head of the country, there would be a strong case for dismissal

Thomas Cook: Whose responsibility is it to pay staff?

Affected employees may be able to apply for limited government assistance, and other travel firms are keen to recruit these experienced individuals

Thomas Cook: What to do if your business goes bust

Thomas Cook went into compulsory liquidation on 23 September, plunging thousands of employees into uncertainty