How can businesses become more sustainable?

We are in a climate emergency, and experts from HR magazine’s lunchtime debate yesterday (18 March) argued that HR should be helping businesses to become carbon neutral

Legal-ease: Handling grievances

?Dealing with grievances is an unenviable task for any HR professional, particularly when allegations are widespread and indicate a toxic culture

HR’s view on the 2020 Budget

HR magazine spoke to professionals in the sector to gauge the reaction to the UK’s new financial plans

Radical transparency is needed in the workplace

Obstructing honest feedback will result in simmering disputes between different teams and departments, said chief executive and founder of ViewsHub Ab Banerjee

Ensuring assertiveness is not seen as bullying

Where is the line between being 'passionate' and 'bullying'? Between 'expressing strong opinions' and being 'aggressive'?

Climate change among workers’ top concerns

UK employees are becoming more vocal about the climate emergency in the workplace, according to research

HR can innovate but it takes time and perseverance

The function must be prepared for some ideas to fail and not get caught up in churning out initiatives as fast as possible

Dynamism is for the public sector too

?In the first of a series of four articles, discover how a highly-engaged workplace culture can transform performance in public sector organisations

Revised IR35 making contractors look for permanent roles

Due to the UK government’s upcoming revised tax rules, 19% of contractors have said they are looking for permanent roles

Businesses leaders count diversity as top priority to improve productivity

More than a quarter (28%) of UK business leaders said increasing diversity and inclusion was a top priority for them in the first half of 2020 in order to improve workplace culture

The post #MeToo workplace: What’s really changed?

Social movements can have a long-lasting effect on the way that we work. They can bring about positive change and allow what were once delicate topics to be openly discussed

Lessons from the C-suite: Charlie Bigham

After two decades we’re still true to our principles