The five things HR leaders should consider in return to work planning

It can be difficult for HR to know what to prioritise when heading back to the workplace following coronavirus, so we’ve come up with the main areas it should be focussing on.


Workers missing teamwork and friendship in pandemic

?Employees feel less connected to their leaders, teammates and friends compared to their lives before the coronavirus pandemic.

Alastair Campbell: the importance of mental health during the coronavirus pandemic

If you were ever wondering whether to make a change in your career but not sure if it’s possible, Alastair Campbell is proof that it’s never too late.

Redundancies expected to increase in next quarter, CIPD says

One in three organisations expect to cut jobs in the third quarter of 2020, according to new research from the CIPD and Adecco Group.

Championing the HR leader

Traditionally, the role of the HR leader was to reactively manage employees and solve any problems they had while addressing the needs of the employer. However, the role of HR teams has evolved and...

Pushing for progress: the workplace's role in political and social movements

With workforces becoming increasingly active in political and social movements, what are the benefits and potential pitfalls HR should look out for?

HR and L&D leaders call for more engagement in social policy

?Environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies are becoming more important to HR leaders.

HR can make a positive difference

?I would be wasting precious column inches by explaining the many benefits of diversity in the workplace. Any HR professional worth their salt already knows the score. But we are lying to ourselves if...

Financial safety leads as top priority for SME benefit schemes

?A quarter of SME employees would like income protection in a post-COVID-19 workplace.

Care and connection: How to build a company culture during coronavirus and beyond

Before the pandemic, it may have seemed impossible for SMEs to compete with larger firms’ company cultures.

Employees more likely to trust employers’ return to work plans than government guidance

One in five UK employees have said that they don’t trust the government’s return to work advice at all compared to one in 10 people who distrust their employer’s decisions about going back to the...

Is a sense of community the solution for HR in an economic downturn?

So much of the storm that businesses are currently weathering is outside of their control. Keeping up with a plethora of government news, advice and guidelines; supporting employees with physical and...