Brexit in the workplace: A psychology of survival?

Whenever we mention Brexit, a range of emotions break out – yet how did it get to this and what does it mean for our workplaces?

Lloyd's of London: bringing an old name up to date

As CHRO of a unique 334-year-old organisation at the heart of the UK’s financial establishment, Julia Tyson has much to do to reshape the insurance marketplace’s outlook for the 21st century, finds Jo...

Senior leadership still blocking wellbeing strategies

HR teams are still faced with significant obstacles implementing wellbeing strategies, including a lack of buy-in from senior leaders.

Night shift workers in need of better support

Co-op has launched a new manifesto in parliament calling upon retailers and policy makers to address the deteriorating physical and mental health of night shift workers.

COVID-19 Winter Plan: HR responds

Though the prime minister’s COVID-19 Winter Plan will mean the requirement to stay at home will be lifted from 2 December, a return to the tiered system, travel restrictions, and advice to continue...

HR lunchtime debate adds another new speaker

Group organisational development director David Frost has joined the panel of speakers for HR magazine’s lunchtime debate on why managing risk should be part of company culture.


Employer support is not enough to help the wellbeing of millennials

Wellbeing among millennials across the UK workforce has fallen since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, despite increased support from employers.

Employees becoming ‘emotionally remote’ during coronavirus

More than half (52%) of UK employees have said that the boundaries between their work and home life are becoming increasingly blurred due to working from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Don’t let the office ‘die’ – for the sake of young professionals

I’ve heard the phrase ‘the death of the office’ touted recently. Many companies – including Facebook – have already stated it will permanently embrace virtual working post-pandemic. It unlikely that...

HR's conversational habits create culture

HR can transform company culture with its next conversation, according Megan Reitz, author and professor of leadership and dialogue at Hult Ashridge Executive Education,

COVID-19 highlighting large gaps in company cultures

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has revealed the gaps that businesses have in their company cultures according to Dawn Metcalfe, workplace culture advisor and managing director at cultural change...

HR Lunchtime debate adds new speaker

Employment lawyer Adam Penman has joined the panel of speakers for HR magazine’s lunchtime debate inn December on why managing risk should be part of company culture.