FRC calls for improved workforce reporting

Reporting on employment-related issues must improve to meet investor needs and reflect the workforce, according to a report from the Financial Reporting Council (FRC)’s Financial Reporting Lab

EHRC guidance on sexual harassment signals need for a radical cultural shift

You can have all the policies, procedures and good intentions in the world, but if they are not put into practice and reviewed on a regular basis, how can they be considered genuine?

Ensure employees are engaged with the brand

Employees do not want a brand that conveys great things about the customer experience yet ignores the employee experience

Conflict a common occurrence at work

Both employees and employers think that conflict is a common occurrence at work, according to a CIPD report

Smoothie does it: HR at Innocent Drinks

Innocent Drinks’ group people and culture director, Sarah-Jane Norman tells HR magazine how the company has stayed true to its roots while expanding

How Nationwide learns from (and helps) start-ups

?Increasingly HRDs in larger, more traditional, established organisations are working with start-ups through incubator activities at their companies

Top tips for establishing a mentally-healthy workplace

Introducing or refreshing workplace wellbeing policy in line with a whole organisation approach can have huge benefits

Purpose should be your top new year’s resolution

Having a purpose is integral to an employee’s motivation, and an organisation’s success

FRC reviews Corporate Governance Code compliance

A Financial Reporting Council (FRC) report finds companies struggling to define their purpose

Minimum wage underpayment growing

Employee underpayment is rising and fines for those underpaying are low, according to research by the Resolution Foundation

Hot topic: Transition to a green economy, part two

Polling for the general election suggested that the environment was a greater concern for voters than ever

Keeping HR safe from cyber attacks

HR is particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks because of its access to sensitive personal and organisational data – but it can protect itself