Back to basics... Criminal offences outside the workplace

Our back to basics series brings you top tips from industry experts on the bread and butter areas of HR

Good company culture needed in UK businesses

The need to define culture and its importance in the workplace should not be underestimated

NDAs should not be used to silence workplace harassment

Employers should use full and fair procedures to try and resolve any workplace issues, instead of using non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), according to new guidance

HR's role in preventing county lines crime

County lines crime is increasing and young people are getting sucked in. HR can work with local authorities and the police to help safeguard vulnerable employees

How AI can help managers be more aligned with employees’ needs

As AI alleviates admin-heavy tasks employees will be able to add a significant layer of additional value to the business. They will also be able to focus on tasks that are more engaging and fulfilling

Feedback on employee strengths rather than weaknesses deemed more valuable

Feedback on employee strengths could have more of an impact on their performance than focussing on their weaknesses, according to co-founder of Act2Manage Robert Dobay

Tackling degree fraud

Degree fraud is rarely out of the headlines, yet thousands of graduate recruiters still do not routinely verify their candidates’ qualifications

Tribunals and lower courts must be restricted after Brexit

The Employment Lawyers Association (ELA) is concerned that allowing lower courts and tribunals to depart from retained EU law will lead to uncertainty

Good workplace relationships have largest impact on job satisfaction

Good relationships with colleagues are essential to job satisfaction, according to 77% of workers

Do we display values in our behaviour or on our walls?

The values espoused by senior individuals are not matched or understood by the workforce

HRs care more for people than profit

HR leaders care more about people than the business, according to findings from the 2019 Global Human Resources Survey

Fast-track ‘global talent visa’ to be launched

Scientists and researchers seeking a working visa will no longer need a job offer before entering the UK, according to an immigration policy update