Single working parents unable to escape debt

Single parents are unable to work their way out of debt despite working full time, a new report by charities Gingerbread and StepChange has discovered.

Working parents hit by furlough refusals

Working mothers’ struggle between balancing home schooling and their job has increased stress levels and anxiety by 90% however, they are still being refused furlough by employers.

HR should offer furlough to working parents, TUC says

A last-minute decision by ministers to close some schools after the Christmas break has left many working parents without childcare.

Parents in need of more support from employers

A majority (73%) of parents have said that their childcare needs are different now due to coronavirus, and additional employer support is required.

Tiered UK lockdowns - what HR needs to know

As the UK adjusts to varied COVID-19 restrictions being put in place, what issues does HR face?

Can we escape the single parent trap?

It’s sometimes said that being a single mother may be twice the work and twice the stress, but it’s also twice the love. The economic and somewhat less saccharine version of that might be that it is...

Pandemic has caused career crisis for parents and carers

Many employers may not be giving fair treatment to parents and carers whose work has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new study by Karian and Box and the Global Institute for...

Coronavirus school routine costing parents two working days each month

Due to coronavirus safety measures, parents are spending an extra 46 minutes on average every day preparing their children for school according to new research from Vita Health Group.

UK's top family-friendly employers named for 2020

Working Families has announced its annual list of family-friendly employers in the UK.

How HR can support working parents

As children head back to school in England and Wales this week and the government insists workers should be heading back to the office, we consider how HR can make the transition a little easier.

Working carers taking paid leave to fulfil responsibilities

Employer’s support of working carers has been brought into question due to carers who also work time admitting they have considered giving up their job entirely to look after their relatives.

Working parents under pressure as lockdown eases

Working parents will struggle to return to employment this month following the government announcement that schools are not likely to re-open until September.