Positive News: How businesses are helping employees back into work

HR up and down the country is reintroducing employees back to their workplaces- either physically or a return from furlough. We highlight just a few of the many brilliant initiatives HR is undertaking...


Paused shielding advice puts vulnerable at risk of job loss

?Concerns remain about the countries’ most vulnerable people returning to work following the the end of government’s shielding advice.

Navigating crisis as an HR leader in a high-growth company

Despite the multitude of challenges and disruptions faced by businesses and employees during the COVID-19 outbreak, some businesses, including high-growth companies and scale ups such as our own, have...

Employers warned of risk of ‘sleepwalking’ into a society lacking human connection

?According to the latest ONS data, 3.3 million people in the UK are often or always lonely. Due to lockdown and the social restrictions put in place due to coronavirus, this figure is expected to rise...

Employers hit with October deadline for flagging CJRS mistakes

Employers have 90 days to notify HMRC of any accidental claims of coronavirus financial support, following the passing of the 2019-21 Finance Bill last week.

Second wave of coronavirus and no-deal Brexit threaten UK employment prospects

?The unemployment rate may reach 9% by the end of the year, according to thinktank EY Item Club, an increase from 3.9% in the month to May.

Organisations won't recover from impact of coronavirus until July 2021, HR managers say

?HR managers believe it will take over a year for their organisations to recover from the impact coronavirus has had on business.

Clear face mask backing needed to support UK's deaf community

?Not for profit Business Disability Forum has called on government to recommend the use of clear face coverings and help the 12 million people in the UK who are deaf or living with hearing loss.

HR warned to prepare for second wave of coronavirus with workplace testing

HR is being asked to create a response plan and testing protocol to prepare for a potential second wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

What European businesses can learn from Asia’s response to the SARS & MERS pandemics

As lockdown eases in the UK and the government attempts to restart the economy, preparations are underway to get millions back to work.

Employers reconsider financial wellbeing for employees post-coronavirus

More employers are considering a workplace savings scheme to reprioritise financial wellbeing following coronavirus.

Parents need more protections to return to work

?Employer discretion under new return to work guidance in England could put parents at risk.