COVID-19, HR and the workplace: three lasting changes

Making changes ‘sticky’ and sustainable in organisations can be notoriously challenging. After all, it is a long journey dependent on the right balance of leadership, economics, politics and...

Investing in infrastructure could create more than a million jobs, says TUC

?Fast tracking spend on projects such as broadband networks, green technology, transport and housing could create 1.2 million jobs by 2022, according to a new report by the Trade Union Congress (TUC).

Government announces plans for a 30 day window to confess to furlough errors

?Under the announced draft ‘Corporation Tax/Income Tax – Taxation of Coronavirus Support Payments’ legislation currently being fast-tracked through parliament, employers could be given a 30-day...

Rise in whistleblower victimisation calls for review to legislation

Seventy per cent of whistleblowers in the City of London’s financial services sector have been victimised, dismissed or made to resign, according to a new report from whistleblowing charity Protect

Day two of the CIPD Festival of Work

?The CIPD’s Festival of Work has been a little different this year, swapping the Olympia in London for a virtual conference experience fit with exhibitors, speakers, and wellbeing facilities.

Calling on CSR to incite international change

The culture of governance worldwide must change from fundamentally competitive to fundamentally collaborative.

Getting the best out of people at Unicef

Many employees say they choose a role due to how well a company aligns with their personal values. And the statement certainly rings true for the Unicef director of people Martyn Dicker.

HR responds to COVID-19: software firm Personio

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Germany’s response as a country has been used as an example to help other countries in their plans to control, contain and reduce the risk of infection

The psychology of remote working: will you thrive or survive in a remote world?

There has been a considerable focus on the practical elements on remote working recently, from setting up an office to getting to grips with video conferencing. However, there has been a growing...

A third of employers do not provide financial support if staff are diagnosed with a serious illness such as cancer

?According to research from industry body Group Risk Development (GRiD), 9% of UK businesses said that providing financial support is not their responsibility

Leadership in a pandemic: the implications for HR and talent development managers

?While the desperate human consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic unfold, the HR profession is charged with reimagining how it interacts with a business landscape that has perhaps been forever reworked

What should employers prioritise during a return to the workplace?

The prospect of a return to workplaces has been the cause of new alarm to employees. What’s the real priority, finances or health and safety?