Rising covid infections force HR to prepare

The UK is averaging 351,000 daily infections of covid, the highest number recorded since the 350,000 daily infections in March 2022.

Businesses look to extend HR responsibilities

Companies across the UK are looking to introduce new people-related positions into their business as the role of HR continues to grow.

What does the Bill of Rights mean for employment law?

The government’s new Bill of Rights proposes sweeping change to the human rights regime in the UK which will impact how the courts interpret employment law.

Hybrid work could mean employers are overlooking disabled staff

Disabled employees are concerned they will lose out on opportunities at work due to working remotely.

Keeping wellbeing simple

If the past two years have taught us anything, it's the importance of wellbeing and our job's role in maintaining our happiness and a healthier physical and mental wellbeing.

Can you ask staff to keep working in a heatwave?

This week temperatures across the UK have soared into the thirties, creating concerns for employee health and safety and productivity. However, there is no maximum temperature for UK workplaces under...

How to write a winning entry for the HR Excellence Awards

The HR Excellence Awards is the time for the people profession to shine. To make sure your team and strategies get the recognition they deserve, here are HR magazine's top ten tips for writing a...

Employee relations to enter new era of instability

Following the news of strikes at the likes of Royal Mail, British Airways, Network Rail and Ryanair, around half (53%) of UK employers believe the country is entering a new, more unstable period of...

Should socio-economic background be a protected characteristic?

Socio-economic background is not a protected characteristic under the Equality Act. This means if people face discrimination because of their class, or assumptions made about it, they do not have the...

Encouraging employees to thrive in a changing workplace with recognition

HR magazine is bringing together another expert panel for a HR Lunchtime Debate, this time to discuss how recognition can help employees thrive in a changing workplace.

Building and sustaining a diverse talent pipeline at AstraZeneca

Diversity of opinion and perspectives can make a huge difference to ideas that are brought to the table.

Workplace bullying claims reach record high

The number of employment tribunals referencing bullying allegations reached a record high in the last 12 months.