UK workers value culture and recognition over pay, survey finds

Eight in 10 UK workers would turn down a large salary increase if it meant working in an environment they didn’t like, according to research by the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT).


Starting salaries continue to rise, says REC/KPMG report

Starting salaries for people entering both temporary and permanent employment have risen for the seventh consecutive month, according to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and KPMG.

Gen Y had biggest fall in earnings during recession

Employees under 30-years-old saw their average earnings fall by 12% between 2009 and 2013, making them the group who suffered the biggest decrease during this time.

Only one in five employers plan pension changes

Just 20% of employers intend to change their workplace pensions programmes, despite widespread changes announced by the Government in 2014.

Legal HR tips: Managing compassionate leave

Manchester City midfielder Yaya Touré has reignited the debate about compassionate leave. He has accused his club of refusing his request to be excused from the team’s Abu Dhabi tour to visit his...

Mixed reaction for Government's 'defined ambition' Pensions Bill

Pensions experts have given a lukewarm reaction to the Government's plans to offer workplace savers a third pensions option called 'defined ambition' (DA).

Business groups urge further action on zero-hours contracts

Leading voices in business have praised Vince Cable's plan to ban exclusivity clauses in zero-hours contracts, although some have criticised the business secretary's decision not to introduce further...

Miliband: young unemployed must train or lose benefits

Ed Miliband is set to announce plans to end benefits for unemployed 18-21-year-olds and replace them with a means-tested allowance reliant on them taking training courses.

TSB announces share scheme and separate executive remuneration package

Newly independent bank TSB has announced that, unlike its former parent bank Lloyds, it will adhere to the EU wage cap for all non-executive employees.

CDC pensions: What they mean for employers and staff

As confirmed by the Queens Speech on 4 June, plans are afoot to allow workers to contribute to something called a ‘collective pension’. Here is everything you need to know.

Individual or team

A look at how rewarding a team instead of individuals can help people work together

Rising or falling?

Salaries and pay, and how UK employers don't like to talk openly about it