Rhymer Rigby

Case study: Reed Bordall has no need for an HR department

Yorkshire-based chilled and frozen distribution company Reed Boardall is, in many respects, a typical company. It has all the functions a business of 700+ staff expects to have; finance, marketing,...


The CEO's view: Dianne Thompson - Been there, got the T-shirt

Camelot's CEO, Dianne Thompson, is one of a rare breed: a leader whose personal experiences help her to identify with her staff and appreciate good HR when she sees it.


And Finally: HR lessons from Hollywood - Make some friends in high places


The situation in The Shawshank Redemption is analogous to doing business in a country with a very different culture.


And finally: HR lessons from Hollywood - HR tactics in the face ofdanger

Human capital

Jaws reveals the skill it takes to manage experts used to working alone and not having their judgment questioned.