Jon Ingham

The role of people-centric groups in organisation design


This first part of a two-part series looking at organisation and HR models explores how companies are incorporating new people-centric groups within their horizontal organisation designs


Pay differentials, wealth inequality and HR professionalism

Canada’s HRPA is leading some interesting work on HR professionalism at the moment. One aspect it is considering is that HR professionals should assert greater commitment to doing good than to...


Art of HR: 'Leaders need better balance'

Future leaders need to be better balanced, focus on long-term sustainability and enable rather than direct employees, a panel discussion on leadership at the Art of HR conference has warned.


Does HR need a more artful approach?

With a lot of recent focus on data analytics and HR as a science, is the profession missing a trick by ignoring its artful side? Jon Ingham thinks so, and advocates a more balanced approach to HR that...