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A third of employers do not provide financial support if staff are diagnosed with a serious illness such as cancer

?According to research from industry body Group Risk Development (GRiD), 9% of UK businesses said that providing financial support is not their responsibility


Mental health named most common reason for employees to lie about sick days

New research by Aetna found a third (35.8%) of employees in the UK, the U.S., Singapore and the UAE admitted to having lied about sick days


UK HR directors predict large rise in gig working

A new report by AON, Gig Economy: Financial Security of Greater Control, found 18% of HRDs believed 75% or more of their workforce will be made up of contractors by 2025.


Chancellor details plans to end furlough scheme

Employers will be asked to pay National Insurance and employer pension contributions for furloughed workers from August, chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced.


Youth organisations demand the creation of a civic army to provide jobs for young people

Government should introduce a ‘civic army’ of 75,000 young people to provide jobs and help communities as the UK economy springs back into action following COVID-19.


Let's show our emotions

It truly is a wild time. Wherever your emotions currently are between ‘I’ve got this, I will overcome’ to ‘I’ve just stared out of the window for 10 minutes thinking about absolute nonsense’- that’s...


HR coronavirus roundup

Confused by the latest guidance on coronavirus and what it means for employees? You’re not the only one, so here’s a roundup of our most recent coronavirus coverage to keep you informed and educated...


Businesses doing more harm than good when trying to help charities

Businesses trying to ‘give back’ by offering up their services to charities are often doing more harm than good.


Where are the best places to work in 2020?

Great Place to Work has announced its 2020 winners despite being unable to hold its annual awards gala


Job Retention Scheme could be a ‘waiting room for unemployment’

Employers want to see the coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (JRS) made more flexible and extended to at least the end of September, according to a new CIPD survey.


HR community helps set up fast-track careworker scheme in London

A new scheme has been set up with the help of the HR community in just two weeks to recruit, train and deploy care workers into London’s boroughs to help tackle the impacts of coronavirus.


HR responds to COVID-19: manufacturing

Manufacturers are having to develop new ways of working to keep their processes running and clients happy during the coronavirus pandemic.