Eugenio Pirri

Let's stop pining for board seats

It should not be about having a seat at the table. It’s about getting stuck in and making a difference


What will 2018 bring for HR?

How should we manage our practices as the world around us continues to change?


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Is it HR's remit to share knowledge, experience and intellectual property to develop and improve the general business population?


Is it time for HR to kill off talent pools?

Talent cannot be owned exclusively by potential leaders


Can HR truly add value as a non-executive?

Just like we’ve had to demonstrate the value of HR internally, we also need to change the views of those recruiting NEDs


Great people leaders understand themselves

Unless you truly understand who you are, how can you possibly help someone else grow?


How HR directors can create award-winning employee engagement strategies

Done differently, yet done correctly, an outstanding engagement strategy can have a direct impact on the financial success of the business


Eugenio Pirri: HR needs to blow its own trumpet

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How to be healthy, happy and successful in HR

Dorchester Collection's Eugenio Pirri shares his advice on how to develop a successful career as an HRD


Why creating awareness is the most important step for success

I recently was invited to lunch with a colleague of mine who wanted to pick my brains about an initiative he had rolled out that wasn’t quite going to plan.


The 'seat' is already yours

I remember when I first entered the workforce, back when I was 15-years-old. I was on the fryers at my local fast food shop selling burgers and chicken nuggets.