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Has coronavirus sparked a new era of leadership?

Caring for teams in challenging situations has grown demand for leaders that are compassionate and courageous according to the panel at the latest London HR Connection.


HR in post-COVID burnout

The events of the coronavirus pandemic have left HR teams feeling in a worse position than before it first hit.


Students struggling to access information on apprenticeships

Over half (55%) of students looking to apply to higher education in 2022 are interested in apprenticeships, but a lack of information is inhibiting their decision making.


Major RSA Matthew Taylor study finds homeworking leads to sedentary lifestyles

Continued homeworking due to the ongoing pandemic has reinforced sedentary lifestyles and led to employees having significantly increased back and shoulder injuries and pain, according to a new study.


Sharp rise in working poverty signals need for more employer support

Working poverty rates have risen across the entire country, according to a new report by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) think tank.


Latest HR Lunchtime Debate on the roadmap out of lockdown is now available on demand

The coronavirus pandemic has made employers rethink the flexibility they offer employees and how they can utilise it to bring people back to work.


Coronavirus marks an increase in digital learning, says CIPD

The impact coronavirus had on the world of work has meant learning professionals are now more forward-thinking, according to a new CIPD report.


Disclosing salaries in job adverts could tackle gender pay gap

Employers who advertise salary details in job adverts will help to tackle the gender pay gap, according to the Young Women’s Trust.


How support groups can help new mums return to work

Support networks for new mums are in high demand following the pandemic, which is why freelance communications consultant Annie Abelman set up Mentor Mums in September 2020.


Return to the office could be bad for mental health

A quarter (24%) of UK office workers believe physically returning to the workplace may impact their mental health in a negative way.


Female staff lie about days off for period pains

A quarter (23%) of female employees say they have had to lie to their employer in order to take time off due to PMS symptoms.


HR Excellence Awards winners proud of work during COVID-19

The winners of last year's HR Excellence Awards are proud to have had their hard work during the pandemic recognised.