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Office working still necessary for productivity, study finds

Staff need on average three days a week (2.91) in the office to achieve maximum productivity, according to a new study by construction services company ISG.


Gender pay gap decreases

A report from The Fawcett Society has reported that the mean gender pay gap for all employees, not just those working full-time, is 14.6% this year, down from 16.3% last year.


Does HR need to re-think the term BAME?

Companies need to start talking to their employees more openly about race and not shy away from it, say Maggie Semple and Pamela Jones, speaking at the latest London HR Connection webinar.


Employer support is not enough to help the wellbeing of millennials

Wellbeing among millennials across the UK workforce has fallen since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, despite increased support from employers.


HR could be guilty of age discrimination by incorrectly using post-work benefits

Post-work benefits such as pensions and permanent health insurance (PHI) are being incorrectly used by HR teams, according to Tim Cox, pension law partner at Linklaters.


Employees becoming ‘emotionally remote’ during coronavirus

More than half (52%) of UK employees have said that the boundaries between their work and home life are becoming increasingly blurred due to working from home during the coronavirus pandemic.


Millions of workers to miss out on government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee

Millions of workers who would benefit the most from the government's Lifetime Skills Guarantee (LSG) would currently miss out when it is launched in 2021, according to a new report.


Decarbonising of Northern homes could create 77,000 new green jobs

The addition of new green technology on homes in the North of England could create 77,000 new jobs in the region and 111,000 supply chain jobs across the UK by 2035, according to research from...


Building critical skills is HR leaders’ priority for 2021

Building critical skills and competencies will be HR leaders’ number one priority next year, according to a new survey from Gartner.


HR lunchtime debate adds another new speaker

Organisational psychologist and people and culture officer Patricia Meiring has joined the panel of speakers for HR magazine’s lunchtime debate on why managing risk should be part of company culture.


Coronavirus pandemic has been a "heroic time" for HR, says Josh Bersin

HR has played a heroic role in what will continue to be a tough time for the job market and work environment, said HR analyst and academy owner Josh Bersin closing the second day of the CIPD’s annual...


New project with Wayne Rooney leads to large improvement in men’s mental health

Derby County Community Trust’s Team Talk project, which aims to tackle the stigma associated with men’s mental health, has benefited almost all those who have attended it.