David Dumeresque

Balancing talent and passion in startups

For entrepreneurial start-ups, managing the transition into a more established company comes with a number of tricky management and HR issues to grapple with.


How to recruit a 'purple squirrel'

Recruitment managers are increasingly looking to hire the ultimate game changer, the supreme innovator – what is known in recruitment circles as a 'purple squirrel'.


HR strategies for a multigenerational workforce

In her 2003 paper, "Human resource costs and benefits of maintaining a mature-age workforce", Libby Brooke stated that the generally accepted definition of an aged worker is someone 45 years and...


Influencers: the fundamental ideas of business management and leadership are being challenged, disrupted and reinvented

For many business leaders, the boundaries between manipulation and influencing are often clouded.


Social media and HR: are you a digital native or a digital immigrant?

Ten years ago two new terminologies emerged. At the time little attention was paid to them, and certainly their future impact was lost on most senior management.