Becky Frith

Major employers sign up to name-blind recruitment

BBC, the NHS, HSBC and Deloitte are some of the organisations to agree to remove names when selecting for interview


Gender pay gap reporting to include bonuses

Large employers will be forced to publish information on bonus payments for men and women


More charitable workplaces may be the key to retention

Employee relations may substantially improve if companies hold more charitable events, finds a survey


Marshall Goldsmith: Become more effective by identifying 'triggers'

Leadership coach and author Marshall Goldsmith discusses the theme of his new book Triggers


Getting NEETs into work could boost GDP by 3%

By matching Germany‚Äôs approach to unemployed people the UK could see a £55 billion increase in GDP


More than a third of working Britons hold multiple jobs

More than a third (37%) of Britons now have two or more jobs, according to a survey from


Freelance marketplace to grow dramatically

The freelance marketplace is gaining traction


Half of SMEs expect productivity to increase

SMEs are confident about increasing their output over the next two years


Half of mothers find it 'impossible' to return to their field of work

Finding a job in their original field of work is proving a challenge for working mothers


Pensions industry should help people "engage" with pensions

The pensions industry should be helping people "understand and engage with" their pensions, according to pensions minister Ros Altmann


Company culture is on the wane

Working relationships and loose networks could be more important than a unified company culture


The innovation gap: business not listening to employee ideas

UK businesses are missing out on innovation opportunities by failing to listen to employees' ideas